Connections to Care (formerly Escorted Transportation Service) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2006 with the sole goal of providing reliable, volunteer-based, accompanied transportation for the older adults in our community to get to their crucial medical and dental appointments.

Our 2021 Annual Report is now available by clicking here.

We are so proud of our organization and its history.  Enjoy a few highlights from our years in service.


  • A similar program was discontinued in the community
  • The founders knew the concept was too valuable to lose and created the non-profit organization Escorted Transportation Service
  • We opened our doors on September 1
  • We provided 400 round-trip rides in just 4 months


  • First full Board of Director’s Meeting
  • Moved offices to the Arlington Heights Senior Center
  • Received major funding from The Retirement Research Foundation (now RRF Foundation on Aging)
  • Gave 1,861 round-trip rides in first full year of operations


  • First Executive Director hired


  • The 15,000th ride was provided
  • Founder retired after 7 years with the organization


  • 10 year anniversary celebration with many activities
    • Volunteer thank you party
    • Display at Arlington Heights Public Library
    • Local fundraiser
    • Riding in the Arlington Heights 4th of July parade


  • Provided our 30,000th ride


  • The Board of Directors make the bold decision to change the organization’s name to Connections to Care. This new name and brand capture the true essence of our program.  It is more than a ride.  It is a connection.

None of the Connections to Care successes would be possible without the wonderful volunteers, funders and donors throughout the years.  We owe our deepest gratitude to every single one of you.  THANK YOU.

Here’s to the coming years of service …

Board of Directors

Andy Schmitz, President

Patricia Champion, Vice-President

Traci Grever, Secretary

Jenny Tanquary, Treasurer

Patricia Carrera, Member

Patti Kozłowski, Member

Rafal Piontkowski, Member

Cynthia Starz, Past-President

Emeritus Board

Tom Grana

Stephen Kohler


Char Padovani, Executive Director

Amy Gall, Director, Program & Operations

The following companies, organizations and government entities provide generous donations or grants to Connections to Care in 2021, thus supporting our efforts in the community.

We are very grateful for their support. Please click through to visit their websites and learn more about them.


Wheeling Township

$7500 – $14,999

Arlington Heights Senior Center, Inc. 

Webb Foundation

$1000 – $7499

Arlington Heights Community Development Block Grant

Elk Grove Township


Luther Village Spiritual Enrichment Foundation

Mount Prospect Community Development Block Grant 

Northwest Community Hospital Foundation

Palatine Township

Schaumburg Township

St. James Catholic Church

Up to $999

Congregational United Church of Christ

Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church

Home Instead Senior Care Foundation

Home Instead Senior Care, Inc. (Elk Grove Village)

Lawrence Screw Products

Rotary Club of Arlington Heights 

Rotary Club of Schaumburg-Hoffman Estates 

The Moorings of Arlington Heights

In-Kind Donations

Jenny May Stringer Photography 

Pearson & Graham Graphic Art Services

Rick & Kathy Pfleeger

Storyview, LLC


Ben Thomas, Graphic Arts Student

We want to thank the following individuals for their donations to Connections to Care during our 2021 Annual Appeal campaign.  Every dollar is greatly appreciated and will ensure that we can continue to make a connection with the older adults in our community while providing a ride to their important medical/dental appointments.


Mary Ann Hetreed (our Annual Appeal Match Partner)

$600 – $9,999

Tom Grana
Susan & William Grandt Giving Fund

$250 – $599

Anonymous (4)
Mark & Carol Anderson
Trish Carrera
Patricia Champion
Traci Grever
Stephen Kohler
Patti Kozlowski
Howard Levinson
Maureen McNett
Janet & Cliff Nelson
George & Catherine Ostendorf
Kevin & Michelle Scherer
Gregg Schreiber
Jason Seleski
Cynthia Starz
Jenny Tanquary
Anne Wall
Francis P Wren

$100 – $249

Anonymous (13)
Peggy Babler
Patrick Barrett
Mr & Mrs Bob Bellock
Pat Bethel
Robert Black
Linda Borst
John Conmy
Marie Grana Czapinski
Sue Daniels
Helen Danielson
John & Patricia Davis
Helen Dawley
Jack & Patricia Devron
Anthony Gialanella
Tracey & Robert Grimm
Eunice Guzolek
Karen Hansen
Etta Hartzman
Bob & Dee Lattanzio
Ted & Maureen Lucore
Carol Ann Majka
Cory & Dorothy Olson
Michael & Sandra Polanski
Thomas & Cathy Robertson
Barbara Robinson
Daniel Ruane
Mr & Mrs Joseph Ruane
Diane Sawyer
Sandy Schmitt
Gary Schreiber
John Stepal & Gabriela Arias
Billie Tucker

to $99

So many amazing individual donors!  Thank you.

“This is truly a tremendous organization. I’ve always been impressed with everything Connections to Care does. Very professional in its approach to everything. After close to four years I still feel enthused and fully committed.”
“I am 92 years young and live alone in a HUD building. Connections to Care has been a God sent to me. I love (Connections to Care Program Director) and don’t know what I would do without her. She is so very patient with me. Every single driver has been wonderful to me.”

Do You Have the Drive to Help?

You can make a difference in the lives of seniors of Northwest Chicago